I have changed my ratings scale to an alphabetical one. I have done this because I feel it shows how much I like a movie without being so precise.

If it’s rated in the A’s or B’s you should probably see it in theaters, if it interests you.

If it’s in the C  range wait, for Netflix or Redbox

If it’s in the D range I wouldn’t watch it unless its free or on TV

If it’s an F, please just don’t watch it


A+ = A Classic, absolutely need to see it

A    = A near perfect movie with that has everything a good movie should

A-  = Extremely enjoyable but has about one small problem

B+  = Thoroughly entertaining but has a couple minor flaws

B     = Very good movie, but not amazing because too many small flaws

B-    =  Good but somewhat forgettable

C+   = Better than average, but still has some serious flaws

C      = Average movie, good balances with the bad

C-     = A little worse than average, but still has good aspects to it

D      = Pretty bad movie but has one redeeming Quality

F       = Just terrible, don’t watch it please


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