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“The Dark Knight Rises” Theatrical Trailer!!! Need I say more!

Holy S***!!! This might just be the biggest movie ever. The scope looks positively massive! Nolan I think you have done it again! Bane is so awesome! The Batwing! The football scene! The fact that they put that in the trailer means that it is not the biggest part of the movie, at least according to how Christopher Nolan does his trailers. I had already seen this trailer in IMAX this weekend with Mission: Impossible and it was simply mind-blowing. I can’t wait till July 20th to see this in IMAX!!!


New theatrical trailer for “The Grey” with Liam Neeson!!!!

Looks like a great survival thriller that could end up being extremely intense.  Supposedly, the script is absolutely fantastic and will give Liam Neeson the chance to have yet another emotional and commanding performance. Hopefully the effects for those wolves don’t end up relying too much on CGI.

Epic, new “John Carter” trailer!!!!!

I’ve been looking forward to this adaptation of “Princess of Mars” for a long time now. The series started in the early 1900’s and the story by Edgar Rice Burroughs has been a serious inspiration for movies like Avatar and Star Wars. Now since this movie is coming out after those two films, this movie is going to be criticized as being a ripoff of those movies when in fact, those movies are actually based of this story.

Anyways I really like this trailer as it shows the seriously gigantic scale of the picture and what looks to be some awesome visuals/action. It also didn’t really contain anything worth being worried about  and didn’t give too much  away,  which is a problem in the movie industry these days.  John Carter was written and directed by Andrew Stanton who wrote Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall*e, and A Bug’s Life so he definitely knows how to write a quality script for all ages but he also directed a few of those too (Wall*e, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life). Hopefully this movie gives Burroughs’ fans the movie they’ve been waiting for for decades but also gives the mainstream audience something unique and epic (which it needs to considering the huge budget this movie had).

New “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” Trailer!!!

Ok I know the first movie sucked, and I mean really sucked, but this reboot/sequel is trying to drastically improve on the previous version.  Judging from the reaction at Comic-Con, this  films has succeeded and is going to be way more hardcore, action-packed, and just more fun than the craptastic first film.  The reaction there was actually very positive and most people said it was much better than the first movie.  This better be true because the first film left an enormous room for improvement. I think Ghost Rider is actually a pretty awesome character and if you do him right he would make for a really cool protagonist. He’s extremely violent and doesn’t have any moral codes like other superheros do which could make really fun to watch . I really hope this movie is what it sets out to be and will actually have some sort of entertainment value.

New Trailer for “Immortals”

I’m still not sure about this movie but the action definitely looks good. Hopefully the script is at least as good as “300’s” (which had two of the same producers). While that movie didn’t have the smartest script (most action movies don’t even though they should), it still oozed with masculinity (nothing against females, but this is something an action movie needs) and was full of cool one-liners that are still repeated to this day. If this movie is more like  “300”  in terms of action and quality of script, and less like “Clash of the Titans” than I’ll probably be happy. I just want to see how good Henry Cavill is as the main character since he will be playing Superman in “Man of Steel” which comes out June 13th, 2013. Also, Luke Evans, who in this movie plays Zeus, will be playing one of the main characters of  The Hobbit adaptation, Bard, and I want to see if he can pull off a commanding performance.

First Official Pictures of Catwoman and Superman in “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Man of Steel”

I personally think that Henry Cavill is perfect to play superman and I also really like the new design of the suit. I think that it looks way more alive than previous incarnations. I love that the first official picture is an action shot. This hopefully means that we will Superman whooping butt like he is supposed to. Too bad Man of Steel was pushed back to June 14th, 2013, but this is just because they want to make the best movie that they can.

 I am sort of indifferent to Catwoman’s new look. I like that it looks like it has a practical use but I still wish she had at least cat ears or something. My bet is that it is not the final suit and that somewhere in the third act she will get a new suit. I know people are doubting that Anne Hathaway can play Catwoman but I personally think they are wrong. I can’t wait to see The Dark Knight Rises on July 20th, 2012.