Favorite Movie Scenes: “Spider-Man 2” Train Fight Scene, Boromir’s Death in “The Fellowship of the Ring” and the Final V-rex Battle in “King Kong”

This is easily one of my favorite action scenes. It perfectly captures Spider-Man’s fighting style from the comics and is just ridiculously fun to watch. Too bad the special effects are starting to look a little outdated.

One of the best scenes in perhaps my favorite movie. It finally gives Boromir the chance to show how great of a fighter he is his courage. Also, it gives him a sense of redemption considering how he had acted before in the story. The end of the scene is pretty emotional too.

If you ask most people who saw this film what their favorite part of this movie is, they’d probably say it’s this one. I don’t know if this is my favorite scene but it is definitely one of them. This scene just shows the awesomeness of Kong and the brutality of what he is willing to do to protect Ann.


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