New “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” Trailer!!!

Ok I know the first movie sucked, and I mean really sucked, but this reboot/sequel is trying to drastically improve on the previous version.  Judging from the reaction at Comic-Con, this  films has succeeded and is going to be way more hardcore, action-packed, and just more fun than the craptastic first film.  The reaction there was actually very positive and most people said it was much better than the first movie.  This better be true because the first film left an enormous room for improvement. I think Ghost Rider is actually a pretty awesome character and if you do him right he would make for a really cool protagonist. He’s extremely violent and doesn’t have any moral codes like other superheros do which could make really fun to watch . I really hope this movie is what it sets out to be and will actually have some sort of entertainment value.


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