New Trailer for “Immortals”

I’m still not sure about this movie but the action definitely looks good. Hopefully the script is at least as good as “300’s” (which had two of the same producers). While that movie didn’t have the smartest script (most action movies don’t even though they should), it still oozed with masculinity (nothing against females, but this is something an action movie needs) and was full of cool one-liners that are still repeated to this day. If this movie is more like  “300”  in terms of action and quality of script, and less like “Clash of the Titans” than I’ll probably be happy. I just want to see how good Henry Cavill is as the main character since he will be playing Superman in “Man of Steel” which comes out June 13th, 2013. Also, Luke Evans, who in this movie plays Zeus, will be playing one of the main characters of  The Hobbit adaptation, Bard, and I want to see if he can pull off a commanding performance.


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