Review: Cars 2

Directed by John Lasseter,  Starring: Larry the Cable Guy, Owen Wilson, Michael Caine, and Emily Mortimer


Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) takes a detour into international espionage when he and Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) head overseas for the World Gran Prix.


The Verdict:

I don’t understand the generally negative reviews on this film. I guess the critics just didn’t think it lived up to Pixar‘s exceedingly high standards but I think it’s still better than most of the crappy kids movies such as Alvin and the Chipmunks. It might not be great but it’s still good. I do think that this is probably the second worst Pixar movie though, right in front of the original Cars and that is still a pretty good movie.

This film is probably right along side the Incredibles in terms of action. There are many action scenes and they are actually really thrilling (particularly the opening scene).  The movie is actually very James Bond esque–but with cars.  I had my doubts about how they were going to pull off the spy plot but it was actually very well done and humorous.

The voice cast is definitely up to par with Pixar‘s previous films so it is obviously fantastic. Larry the Cable Guy is hilarious again as Mater, Owen Wilson is still great as Lightening McQueen, and the new additions Michael Caine (Flinn McMissile) and Emily Mortimer(Holly Shiftwell) are both very cool as the British Spy’s.  

The one thing the movie is lacking is the emotional resonance that is very important in a lot of the other Pixar films. For most people it was hard not to get a little watery-eyed at Toy Story 3, Up, Finding Nemo and Monster’s Inc., but this movie is really not very emotional so that aspect was pretty disappointing. The dialogue was also a little bit “cheesier” than my liking, specifically from McQueen but it’s nothing that most kids would notice, which is obviously the main audience.


Overall it’s a  good kids movie that is still pretty entertaining for adults



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