Review: Battle: Los Angeles

Directed By Jonathan Liebesman, starring Aaron Eckhart


Sci-fi, Military, Action


SSgt. Nantz, played by Aaron Eckhart, is a grizzled Marine veteran who is called into service when mysterious meteorites land off the coast of Los Angeles, along with many other cities around the world. He must join a new platoon under a callow, young officer straight out of the academy. Nantz is now the only marine in his platoon with any experience in combat situation and he has to be a model for his fellow marines.

The world soon finds out that these meteorites are not what they thought they were. They are being invaded and colonized by some sort of extra-terrestrial life form equipped with sophisticated bio-technology. Nantz,and his fresh platoon, will be a last line of defense to protect their city.

From there, the movie is just all chaos.

The Verdict:

I went into this movie with moderate expectations yet I was still let down. While the movie tries to display a very serious and realistic tone it is still chock full of cliché characters and extremely cheesy lines. This let me down, but what  I didn’t expect the movie to disappoint in was the action department, but it did.

The biggest problem with the action is that most of it is incomprehensible. This is sad since there are bullets flying for a good, two-thirds of the movie. All of the action shots are filmed with the overused and annoying shaky-cam technique which hides all the action from the viewer. What is really annoying is that when the shaky cam isn’t being used the action can be quite thrilling and there are a few wide shots in the beginning and end of the movie that are beautiful and are actually pretty epic.

The special effects are pretty well done but CGI destruction doesn’t make up for the lack of good action and no reliance on plot. This could have been an Independence Day type of movie that is cheesy but still thoroughly entertains but it just didn’t deliver.


a mediocre but not completley terrible movie



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