Fantastic, New Super 8 Trailer

Super 8 has become my most anticipated movie of the entire year. This trailer brings a huge nostalgic factor with it that just screams Speilberg (who is the Executive Producer). The movie involves a group of kids who discover a mysterious and dangerous creature that emerges from a train wreck.

The film, as Director J.J. Abrams has said, is almost a tribute to the Spielbergian era of awe inspiring and heartfelt films such as E.T, Close Encounters and the Goonies. J.J Abrams has one good movie (Mission: Impossible III) and one great movie (Star Trek) under his belt, and it definetly doesn’t look like he will disapoint with this one.

Don’t be mad that the trailer doesnt show the creature. Not showing the monster is just a way to build up anticipation for the movie.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. I would like to answer any questions anybody has about this movie.


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